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New Screen 640mm x 500mm Professional Grade

Professional grade screens are professionally welded aluminium frames, stretched to a higher tension, and then secured using a professional grade glue, which is virtually impervious to solvents such as thinners or turpentine. They available in a number of mesh grades. Our recommendations below refer to textile screen printing.

  • 43T - Used widely by amateur screen printers, very easy to hand print with because the ink flows through with minimal effort, but you will get some square clipping on your curves (looks like jpg pixelation). Will experience some bleeding with water based inks.
  • 55T - Our recommended mesh for people printing by hand, the ink still flows relatively easily, while offering a far smoother print result than 43T. Reduced bleeding with water based inks.
  • 62T - No noticable clipping, but more difficult to push the ink through while printing by hand. Excellent for fine detail printing by hand. Used widely by professional printers.
  • 77T - A fine detail mesh used mostly for black or navy inks where the ink is quite thin. Popular for haltone printing.
  • 100T - Extremely fine detail, used almost exclusively for halftones.

If you're reading information online about the appropriate mesh grades for different types of screen printing, please be aware that there is a significant difference between metric and imperial.

This product is available in:

  • 43T WHITE mesh
  • 55T WHITE mesh
  • 62T WHITE mesh
  • 77T YELLOW Mesh
  • 100T YELLOW mesh

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