The fastest way to grow your business is with strong partnerships Give your business the advantage in both quality and affordability with WholesalePrint.

Who we are

Born from the frustrations of a large professional garment decorator in Australia, WholesalePrint is focused on scratching the real-world itches of everyday garment decorators.

Our ethos is simple: quality products, affordable pricing, and genuine customer service.

Our industry experience in high-volume printing means we're always on the prowl for the best products in the industry - not just in terms of print quality, but also products that offer real and measurable time savings for your business. Partner with us and we'll continually do our best to save you money on supplies, and help you trial new products and techniques with the aim of increasing your production levels.

Australian garment decorators work under incredibly challenging circumstances and we truly get that. Competing with Asia is extremely difficult already, high operating costs in the wholesale supply-chain make operating even more difficult. We're genuinely committed to lowering the "Australia tax" on screen printing and digital products. With a domestic market that's struggled for years against increasing off-shoring, we aspire to help grow the Australian garment decoration industry, and we hope you can join us on that journey.