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6/5/2022 - Factory liquidation

WholesalePrint was operating from a factory on Evans Rd in Salisbury, when unfortunately our building was sold. The new owner required vacant possesion, and we were evicted with only 6 weeks notice (in a period full of public holidays). There's no way we could locate a new premises in time, so we made the difficult decision to liquidate most of our business. This applied primarily to our screen printing and transfer printing operation, but has also affected WholesalePrint. This wasn't a decision we reached lightly, but with limitted options available, we're restructuring to a much smaller (and much less stressful) business model. Specifically we're converting from a 400m+ factory to a home-based ecommerce business model.

Unfortunately all screen services have been permanently discontinued, and we're no longer retailers for Union Ink or Permaset.

I want to sincerely thank the people that have supported us in a professional and positive way.

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