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28/1/2021 - Emulsion supply shortages

Many emulsions are currently out of stock due to covid supply chain shortages, particularly Ulano products.

25/1/2021 - Delivery Delays

We're seeing delivery delays in both the Aramex network and with Australia Post. This includes sporadic pickups, and bottlenecks in transport hubs affected by staff that have been placed into isolation. Please keep in mind when ordering that we're having issues with both receiving and sending supplies, so certain items may end up on backorder. Your patience during this period of uncertainty is genuinely appreciated.

30/7/2021 - Shinobi film transparency roll media back in stock

Our latest Shinobi inkjet transparency film shipment has arrived including stock of 610mm wide rolls. We appreciate your patience while we've worked through covid-related supply chain issues.

13/7/2021 - DTF, Vinyl, and Plastisol Transfers

WholesalePrint is now offering a range of wholesale transfer services including plastisol transfers, vinyl transfers, and DTF transfers. Our transfers can be used for everything from full size and full colour back prints, to one colour neck size labels. Head on over to our transfer services section to find out more, and to see pricing for each service.

21/7/2020 - Online credit card payments now available

Orders can now be paid online with a credit card or Google Pay. To pay simply click on the "pay online" button on the bottom of your order or tax invoice. EFTPOS is available at our retail store in Salisbury. Due to the high merchant fees, we've discontinued Paypal.

22/5/2020 - Union Inks now available (QLD only)

Wholesaleprint is now carrying a full range of Union Inks for our QLD customers. Union offers what we consider to be the highest opacity coloured inks on the market, and they're absolutely essential to increasing production speeds in professional screen printing operations. Click here to see our union ink range.

14/4/2019 - Reduced Covid19 trading hours

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, we've reduced our contact hours at our store in Salisbury. Please ensure you check we'll be open before dropping in to pick up supplies.

1/2/2019 - Permaset Inks now available

WholesalePrint is now carrying Permaset Inks. We're super excited about this, Permaset are without a doubt the world leader in water-based inks, so we're pretty chuffed to be able to stock them. Click here to see our permaset ink range.

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