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Transfer Services

WholesalePrint offers a range of professional-grade transfer services.

Plastisol Transfers

Plastisol ink is screen printed onto a plastic sheet, and then transfer powder is applied to the wet ink. Plastisol transfers are available in single colours only. The plastisol ink is not fully cured during the transfer creation process, so it's critical that they're given enough heat/time during transferring to cure them. While it's possible to produce plastisol transfers with multiple ink colours, it's not something we do at WholesalePrint because we think multi-colour printing is better serviced by Vinyl and DTF transfers.

Recommended for: Neck size labels, single colour white prints.

Heat: 150 degrees C
Time: 10 seconds + 3 seconds
Peel: Cold
Minimum order: 25 units

Vinyl Transfers

A white vinyl sheet is printed digitally with 6 colour solvent inks (CMYK+Lc+Lm), and the solvent inks eat into the vinyl, creating a highly durable print. The excess white vinyl is then weeded away and a clear sticky mask is applied. You use the mask to pick the transfer up off the carrier sheet, heat press it on the garment, and then peel away the mask. The 6 colour inks gives this process a wide colour range and the printers are extremely high resolution. Unfortunately the weeding can be limiting, so vinyl works best on solid shapes/logos, we cannot weed out fine fonts so we place a bubble around fine fonts/detail. These are the most fool-proof of our transfers, they are relatively easy and quick to apply in large production runs.

Recommended for: Solid logos, and sports numbers/names going onto sportswear.

Heat: 150 degrees C
Time: 7 seconds + 7 seconds
Peel: Hot or Cold (not warm)
Minimum order: 5 units

DTF Transfers

Digitally printed transfers with 4 colour DTG-like inks (CMYK), and then the white ink is printed over the top of the CMYK. Transfer powder is applied while the white ink is still wet. No weeding, but the 4 colour printing offers a narrower colour range than the 6 colours in vinyl printing. Less white ink is deposited than plastisol transfers, and they're not as opaque as a solid sheet of white vinyl, this thin layer leads to an amazing soft hand feel but they will suffer from dye migration issues on cheap non-colourfast or dye sublimated garments, so we do not recommend them at all for cool-dry sportswear. Shading is achieved through halftones, but the dot size needs to be quite large for the dots to bond to the garment.

Recommended for: Any garment that doesn't have dye migration issues, and oversize transfers.

Heat: 150 degrees C
Time: 7 seconds + 7 seconds
Peel: Cold
Minimum order: 5 units

While we appreciate everyone does it, we do not recommend transfers onto nylon or satin products such as rain jackets or dress vests. The more people wash and tumble dry these items, the quicker the transfers will come away from the garment.

Transfer Comparison

  DTF Vinyl Plastisol
Ease of application
Colour Accuracy

Transfer Pricing and Ordering

Transfer pricing is calculated based on the dimensions of your artwork in square cm, so multiply your width x height, and then match that to the transfer pricing below. If you'd like to gang multiple transfers into one sheet, your artwork needs to be supplied together in a single print-ready file at size, and then your pricing is calculated on the total area of that print ready file.

Pricing fluctuates considerably based on the number of units ordered. You can alternate between transfer options below to see how it affects the unit pricing. Screen printed plastisol transfers have a high setup cost, whereas vinyl is extremely expensive so that's reflected in the price of oversize transfers.

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