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Permaset Inks

Permaset are the world leaders in water based inks, and they're manufactured right here in Australia. They're an outstanding product made by Colormaker Industries, an ethical company with the sort of history we could only hope to aspire to. Wholesale Print is proud to offer a full range of permaset products, and we back up their products with industry leading support.

Standard vs Supercover - What's the difference?

Permaset standard inks are a slightly thinner viscosity than Supercover, and provide a softer hand-feel to the finished garment. Permaset standard inks are also partially transparent. Supercover inks are more opaque (contains more pigment) and they're primarily used for printing solid vibrant colours on dark garments. Both inks can be thinned with print paste or other Permaset additives to achieve different finishing effects.

Standard inks are typically easier to print with, and they're consistently less expensive than Supercover inks. So if you're looking to put a red print on a white garment like a shirt or a tea towel, you're looking for standard. If you're looking to put a red print on a black shirt, you're looking for Supercover.