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Shinobi Squeegee Rubber per ROLL

Shinobi squeegee rubber, 9mm x 50mm, sold per 4m roll. To purchase per cm, please see this listing.

All squeegees and rubber are cut to order, so they come with a 5 business day turnaround from payment.

Unfortunately as they're a customised product, we do not refund on order cancellations, allow customers to “swap” to a different hardness/size, or accept returns if you change your mind. Please ensure the squeegee you're ordering is what you want to receive.

All squeegees come with a 6 month warranty.

The final squeegee dimensions are dependant on the bolt holes in the handle which can be inconsistently cut, please understand there may be +/- 2cm variation in your final length.

Squeegee Rubber Recommendations

All squeegee rubber will soften over repeated use, so squeegees often start life printing fine detail and then slowly migrate to other applications.

  • 65A - Soft, prints well as a generic amateur blade.
  • 70A - Medium, general all-rounder.
  • 75A - Firm, fine detail printing.
  • 80A - Hard, mostly vinyl printing.
  • 85A - Extremely hard, mostly vinyl printing.
  • 90A - Almost a rock, vinyl and speciality use only.
  • 65/90/65A - A firm core with soft outer layers, mostly used by professional printers for thick inks and generic printing.
  • 75/90/75A - A hard core with medium outer layers, mostly use by professional printers for thin inks and fine detail.

This product is available in:

  • Shinobi 65A
  • Shinobi 70A
  • Shinobi 75A
  • Shinobi 80A
  • Shinobi 85A
  • Shinobi 90A
  • Shinobi 65/90/65
  • Shinobi 75/90/75

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