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Emulsions ain't emulsions, they really are a critical part of the screen printing process, and they're one of those consumables where you get what you pay for. We recommend Chromaline simply because they've proven themselves to us as reliable, commercial-grade products. Wholesale Print only carries a limited range of emulsions purely for the fact that fresh is best, we like to keep this stock limited and turning over quickly, to get the best possible result for you on screen. But which emulsion?

Emulsion Ink type Price Sensitized Detail Washout Description Approx life
Chromaline UDC Ace Plastisol $$$$ Yes Excellent Hose The ultimate print resolution at an affordable price. 2 months
Chromaline CP Tex Water or plastisol $$$$ Yes Good Pressure The most durable emulsion for water-based printing. 2 months
Ulano QTX Plastisol $$$$$ No Poor Pressure The longest shelf life emulsion if you're not coating screens regularly. Not suitable for halftones or fine lines. 4 months
Ulano LX680 Solvents or plastisol $$$$$ Yes Excellent Hose Used primarily by solvent screen printers - eg. printing onto vinyl and plastics. 2 months
Kiwo SWR Water or plastisol $$$ Yes Good Pressure A cost effective and very capable mid-range emulsion, but with a short shelf-life. 1 month

If you're only using the occasional screen, we recommend taking advantage of our reclaim, coat, and exposure service. "Approx life" are strictly estimates for comparison purposes only, and shelf-life is greately affected by the correct handling and storage as per the manufacturer's specifications.